Own Your Inner Ostri-bitch Poster

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Own Your Inner Ostri-bitch Poster

We know it’s a little audacious and over the top perhaps even snarky, but come on, once you've read about Miss Mavis, you may just want to be her “mini- me”! Truth be told, owning your inner power may be called by some “being a bitch” but most often its tapping into your truest voice! So own it girls, rock the look, own your power!

Miss Mavis, is the CEO of Tease Me Please, the largest franchised hair and beauty emporium. A small town Belle, turned capitalist legend, she was recently featured on the cover of Nouveau Riche. The article highlights her surprising influence of sass, swagger and salacious flirtation in the boardroom and the twitter twang over the merits of such behavior.

8" x 10",  $10

11" x 14", $20

All posters are wrapped in cellophane with a cardboard backing to keep them from bending in shipping. 

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