Licensing & Branding

Take advantage of Kaaren Anderson’s quirky illustration and witty writing style!

 Build your brand from ho hum to wowza!
 Spruce up your outreach and PR from “Seen That, Done That” to “Holy Bananas!”
 Re-animate your marketing materials and consumer products to enliven customers and staff alike
 Create a fascination with your brand through character illustrations & stories that engage online followers

Kaaren skillfully creates customized characters, copy, and stories to best represent the core values and attributes of your brand.  Her clever, personality driven characters and consumer products touch your heart, grab attention, and make you laugh to grow your online community, enliven product sales, and build your brand.  

 Surface Art for Joyful Products
 Brand “Presenter” Characters 
 Branding Campaigns 
 Internal Training 
 Product Launches
 Educational Outreach
 Staff/Team Introductions

Our barking, tweeting, and meowing cast of characters are eager to discuss how we can help your sales grow.   Their wit and whackadoodle style are sure to connect consumers with your brand and bounce product off the shelves.  So make a first date with us - we promise after we have a little chat, you’ll want to schedule a hook up with Gertrude, a single off-white female looking for a ram. . .