My primary goal with the creation and development of Solveig Studio is to bring YOU, yes YOU, more joy and laughter into your life and home.

Kaaren Anderson of Solveig Studio

 Here's a little story of how it all started:

A couple of years ago I made this giant flower painting. On the flower were these words:

“Wake up!” shouts the flower, “I will,” she said, “right after I take a nap!”

That little alert, from beauty and life, is my mantra. It reminds me to snap out of my sleepwalking, and to get with the program! I use it as a vehicle to capture joy, laughter, and a little comic relief when I need it most. I hope my work can lighten your load, make you spit out your coffee with laughter, or just serve as a little jolt. Wake up, dude! Your life is full of wonder and joy and laughter, too--don't miss it!