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005 Salad/Dessert Plate

Solveig Studio

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005 Mastiff Salad/Dessert Plate - Solveig Studio

****ON BACKORDER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to process sales. We will have this product in the near future. Please check out our Posters, Cards, Mugs, and Puzzle. Thank you :)

Meet 005 - James Bond’s (aka 007) spy apprentice. While 005, is trained in martial arts, machetes, and mandarin cuisine, he prefers back office assignments instead. Recently he created a barcode tattoo, so 007 can pay for his vodka martinis, poker debt and valet parking, by flipping over his pointer finger, exposing the barcode, for hand scanners to ring up his purchases. Reportedly, Bond loves the new device and is sharing it widely with his other double o’s. 

Our ceramic plates are dishwasher, microwave, and food safe!

7.25" x 7.25"

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