How I Learned To Wake Up Laughing

Kaaren Anderson

About ten years ago, my dad and I were chatting and he says to me. “I had one of those dreams last night.” “What dream?” I said. “You know,” he said, “the kind where you are laughing so hard in your dream, you wake up laughing.” “What are you talking about?!? I’ve never had that kind of dream! Seriously, you wake yourself up by laughing?” “Yeah,” he said with a shrug, “ You don’t? I thought everyone did.” “No dad,” I said bemused, “I guarantee you it’s not an everyday thing.”  

Then we talked some more about what he was laughing at, and how often it happened. I went home that day somewhat flummoxed because tho my dad had a good sense of humor, I’m known as the clever one, as the funny one, as the silly one. (I saying this not to brag, but I don’t have a crap load of skill folks in other areas, but getting others to laugh, that I can do!)  And yet, damn, he often was laughing so hard in a dream, that he woke himself up! I couldn’t get over it; not that my dad could do it, but that anyone could!

I was jealous. Well, more like 10% jealous  and 90% committed to make this dream occur in my own life. So from that day on I’ve gone about working on the conditions, questions and mindset I need to set myself up–to wake up laughing.  

It hasn’t totally happened yet, but I can feel myself edge closer. Little by little. Life is lighter at times. I’m less stressed. It helps to remember my dad was in his early 70’s when he told me this, so he had obviously cultivated a life of promise and possibility to do just that, start the day with one hell of a chuckle.  

So here it is, if you are intrigued and enticed to one way wake up giggling, this is the blog for you. Because A Novices Guide To Wake Up Laughing is a dedication to that end. I’m gonna share ideas, practices, questions, conditions, and mindsets that can set us all up for a happier more joyous life. So when we are in our early 70’s, we can nonchalantly say to another - “Hey, I had one of those dreams last night.” It may not be the spiritual practice of enlightenment that others are after, but its the enlightenment I find myself, most in need of.  

Cheers my friends,Love, Kaaren


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