Silly party hats, colored eyeglasses, and shiny beaded necklaces are a New Year’s tradition so it seems fitting to keep entertaining light hearted, even for a formal dinner. These plates with whimsical animal characters created by Kaaren Anderson of Solveig Studio were my inspiration.

With all of the vibrant colors in the salad plates, I decided to keep the larger plates and table linens white so that the characters took center stage and the table didn’t look overly busy.

I picked fuchsia as the lead color in the centerpiece by adding some curled fabric ribbon and a live flowering plant. I made the base of the centerpiece by tying together a variety of seasonal evergreens along with some small houseplants. I had fun shopping at a party supply store where I selected bead necklaces to use as napkin holders and glittered ornament place markers.

Decorate Your New Year’s Eve Table For Fun and Festivity 2017

Knowing a little something about each of the characters adds to the fun! Pop the cork and celebrate the start of 2017!

Decorate Your New Year’s Eve Table For Fun and Festivity 2017

Decorate Your New Year’s Eve Table For Fun and Festivity 2017

(character photos above clockwise)

Bruce and Sissy met at an Anxious-animals Anonymous meeting. Chronic piddlers when nervous, they have mastered the Zen Hound-ist principle of non attachment, and teach meditation classes at local AaA meetings for fowl to howl alike.

Phyllis, who is named after her mother’s favorite comedian, is irreverent, edgy and one hip chick! Tousled, tart-ish and tantalizing, Phyllis can be found most often at Bob’s Bar on Peep Street enjoying a whisky sour while swapping tall yet true tales of inconceivable shenanigans.

Asha is currently the Executive Director of the Le Leche League which provides mammals of all ilk the basics of latch on, latch off. She and her best friend Leslie are launching their new essential oil line on Etsy known as “Mother’s Milk.”

Dr. Sooz Hoot became an optometrist after her youngest owlet Albert failed 3rd grade PE. Albert’s nearsightedness obstructed his ability to distinguish between an owl pellet and a mouse in his Aerial Diving class. Dr. Hoot also founded Rock the Four Eyes, a non-bullying outfit based in Sleepy Eye, MN.

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