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Posted November 25, 2017
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Democrat and Chronicle
by Mary Chow (Photos Courtesy of Mary Chow)

The annual 10 under $20

"9. Animal art coasters, four for $15 at Fly By pop-up shop at 45 Schoen Place in Northfield Commons, Pittsford. Artist Kaaren Anderson of Solveig Studio created a series of colorful pet portraits. These coasters are great for the animal lover in your life."



Posted November 9, 2017
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Democrat and Chronicle
by Mary Chow (Photos Courtesy of Mary Chow)

Pop-up in Pittsford


Like many artists, Kaaren Anderson travels to fairs to show and sell her art. She thought there had to be a better way, particularly during the busy holiday season.

Last year, Anderson tried the pop-up shop concept during the holiday season with a group of local artists. FLY BY is returning for a second year in at Northfield Commons at 50 State St. in Pittsford, offering unique gifts and funky art by local artists and entrepreneurs. Artists at the shop include: Solveig Studio with Anderson's line of art, Anna Overmeyer, Melissa Matson, Chicory Farm Soap, Felto Fashion, Michael P. Slattery, Josh Randall, Karen Ferner, Danielle Zatowsky, Mark Groaning and One and Kind.

FLY BY is now open and will close at the end of December. Its hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.

There's a lot to see in the pop-up shop. Anderson of Solveig Studio creates a whimsical line of pet art using Sharpie markers. The artworks are functional as well, with place mats and mugs in the mix. Feltro Fashion offers felted scarves and jewelry for gift giving. And there's goat's milk soap from Chicory Farm.

“The maker movement has really taken off," Anderson said.




Posted November 8, 2017
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As many of you know I started out this crazy blogging career as a painting and DIY artist. With that in mind, I’m always drawn to creative people with a unique way of looking at life. I collect art wherever I go and find beauty in every medium. I’m mesmerized by glass, pottery, woodworking, sculpture, architecture, even tattoos and everything in between. So what better way to spread the love of art with a new monthly blog series? 

November Artist Highlight

I’m so excited to be bringing you a new monthly series highlighting some of my favorite artists. Each month I’d like to introduce you to an artist that you might not be familiar with, share what I love about their work and peek inside the artists’s creative mind with a simple Q & A. In addition, these artists have generously offered to give away their work to one lucky reader! How lucky are we? Now Let’s meet Kaaren Anderson.

Kaaren Anderson of Solveig Studio

Novembers highlighted artist of the month it’s Kaaren Anderson. I met Kaaren Anderson last year after driving by her pop up shop FLY BY located in the quaint Erie Canal neighborhood of Schoen Place in Pittsford, New York. Her bright colored sign, welcoming flags, and hand-painted chair out front drew me in. We chatted for over an hour about everything art.  Kaaren loves color, animals and a living life with her family and pets on her Honeoye Falls farm. I came home with one of her signature animal platters and immediately knew that I had met an artist after my own heart.

Getting to Know Solveig Studio

1.)  How did you get started in art? what was your inspiration to follow a career in art?

  1. My parents were part of artist collectives in the 70’s and my dad was kind of a renaissance man, singer, actor, gifted woodworker, painter.  From an early age, we made our halloween costumes and he’d let us just go at whatever weird project I wanted to pursue.

  2. What is your favorite medium? And why?

    Currently, Sharpie Permanent Markers.  I like that I can take a medium that is often thought of as a less than ideal medium and have the image in the end leave the viewer not sure of how i did the piece.  Watercolor?  Acrylic?  gouche?

  3. How does your art stand out from the million other artists in the world?

    Ha haa, seriously dude.  That is a grandiose question.  But, my work is meant to make you laugh and bring you joy.  If I can’t do that, than I’ve lost my edge.  Each drawing has a quirky character bio as well that goes along with the piece.  That for me makes the animals live in their own little universes of personality.

  4. How do you find your subjects?

    I do custom pet drawings for many people, so I work off of images of pets. But mostly I have stockpiled about 300 images of animals, that I mess around with when I go back to them, and use them as my models.

  5. The Crystal Ball

    Where do you see your art going in the next 5 -10 years? What are your goals?

    To become the “it girl” art studio, that offers home decor and products that bring joy and laughter into people’s lives and homes.’ I basically want to be the new McKenzie Childs, back in her funky days! 🙂

  6. If you could meet any artist dead or alive who would that be?

    My list is way too long.  Some of the artist I’d currently like to meet are people I met on Instagram, most notably, Affra Gibbs Leigh Anne Thompson  and Jennifer Walker.

  7. Tell us something special about you

    I can set an internal clock and get up at 4:06 if you tell me to,  or 4:12.  I just wake up.  It’s a little weird.

  8. Whats your name website and contact info for someone who wants to order…

    Kaaren Anderson
    Solveigstudio   Facebook
    585 709 9204 

There’s so much more to learn about Kaaren and her current artistic endeavors. She recently came back from NY NOW and was a hit with retailers and brands, That came to no surprise to me! I am so happy for Kaaren and the many good fortunes that are coming her way. Head on over to her website and see hundreds more of her designs!


Here’s a peek inside this years FLY BY pop up store. Kaaren carries the works of  other artists in addition to her many mediums. Kaaren has generously offered to give away 2 square plates of your choice valued at $50.+   One lucky winner will be able to choose what two plates and Kaaren will cover the shipping and handling. Simply leave a comment below for either myself and/or Kaaren and you’ll be entered to win. Contest ends Sunday, November 12th at 9PM EST. Good luck guys and see you next month for a special Holiday giveaway.


I loved slaying around with Kaaren’s plates. Her small square plates look great on a larger white porcelain plate. I added fun Merrimecko placemats and colorful green service ware. How would you use her plates to decorate your table? 

Thanks for joining in on the party! xo Amie
 Posted: October 13, 2017
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Editor's Picks for Pet-Loving Foodies 29/09/2017
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Unique dog plates from Solveig Studio


Trying to get a business up and running can be challenging and for founder of Solveig Studio, Kaaren Anderson, the learning curve was steep, like 85 per cent steep.

“This is my learning curve, there’s really no curve,” says Anderson.

“Most people laugh, and shake their head, yet it’s true. I’ve had a crash course in creating a business plan, marketing, public relations, R&D, product creation, budgeting, projections, networking, what risks to take, etc.  

“Yet, truth be told, I like a challenge. I’m most comfortable in life, when my head is just above the water swimming. I’m not drowning, nor floating, but moving forward, learning as I go. Clearly I’m no Emma Mc Keon, but I’m splashing through the water and enjoying the challenge, no doubt.”

Anderson says each day she wakes up she reminds herself not about the bottom line or her to-do list but to get more joy and laughter into people’s lives and homes.

“That’s it. That simple mantra keeps me motivated through the boring administrative tasks, influences who I choose to collaborate with or not, guides marketing, shapes the course of future products, and so much more.  Whether drawing or making business decisions, if I’m not smiling, I know I’m off track.”

Only launched last September, Solveig Studio made its debut at the NY NOW fair in August featuring Anderson’s DOG Days of Summer line including 14 new dog plates.

“It’s the place to be with new products, ideas and designs. I wanted to challenge myself early on to take on such a beast. It proved both fruitful and engaging. I made great contacts, met some wonderful new customers, and launched my line nationally and internationally.

“People resonated with the quirkiness of the illustrations, the utility of the work, and the biographies of each animal character. I felt very fortunate and encouraged by the end of the show,” she enthuses.

Inspiration for her unique designs comes from different sources such as New Yorker cartoons, graffiti and mural artists, and her daily observations of people and animals’ quirks and oddities including her menagerie of pets (she lives on a horse farm).


“I draw with sharpies on paper and work with a local engineer in upstate New York, whose proprietary printing process is central to the work. The image from drawing to plate/platter remains vibrant, electric, bold and unusual. They are truly unique to the tabletop genre and format.

“I’m not content with the whimsy of a character. I think in both visual and story form. Each animal has a funny bio that speaks to the overall creation and is included with each purchase.” 

Her latest investigative project is illustrated yoga mats. “There is something hilarious about my dog drawings printed on a yoga mat as a practitioner bends into … a downward dog.”

She adds: “I’m doing what I love, creating joy and laughter for myself and others, and I get paid to do it.  That’s pretty sweet.

“A friend gave me this little mantra on a poster: Life is Shor.  Not life is short, but life is shor, because it is—I’ve got today, that’s all I know. So it’s worth taking on each day like it’s potentially my last.” 

By Marion Gerritsen

gourmet business - NY NOW REVIEW Article

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New home goods from the NY Now Market

September 14, 2017 1:03 PM
By Lisa Chamoff Special to Newsday

The NY NOW market is a great place to get a look at new home goods
available online or at local boutiques. We got access to this year’s recent show
at the Javits Center in Manhattan — open only to store buyers, interior
designers and the media — and compiled a list of our favorite finds from the
makers and companies displaying their wares. (Solveig Studio section shown only.)

Custom pet drawings and illustrated ceramics


Illustrator Kaaren Anderson, based in Honeoye Falls in upstate New York,
prints her quirky, colorful animal drawings on plates, platters and mugs. She
also does custom pet drawings. Prices range from $22 for salad and dessert
plates to $52 for platters, at

Animalia Launch
The Dog Days of Summer
Solveig Studio announces its new product addition at NY NOW

This woman-owned business offers wildly colorful plates and platters with quirky twists of animal humor and wit. Originally drawn with Sharpies on paper, illustrator Kaaren Anderson’s work uses the true “magic” of markers to create sassy housewares for the adventurous spirit. 

These dishwasher and microwave safe tableware designs employ a patented printing process unique to the tabletop genre, making the line distinct with its pop of color, detail and quirky renditions of the animal kingdom. Plain and simple it’s not your grandma’s china, unless your grandma’s freakin’ awesome!

Solveig Studio’s aim is simple and straightforward -- get more joy and humor into people’s homes and lives.

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