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New home goods from the NY Now Market

September 14, 2017 1:03 PM
By Lisa Chamoff Special to Newsday

The NY NOW market is a great place to get a look at new home goods
available online or at local boutiques. We got access to this year’s recent show
at the Javits Center in Manhattan — open only to store buyers, interior
designers and the media — and compiled a list of our favorite finds from the
makers and companies displaying their wares. (Solveig Studio section shown only.)

Custom pet drawings and illustrated ceramics


Illustrator Kaaren Anderson, based in Honeoye Falls in upstate New York,
prints her quirky, colorful animal drawings on plates, platters and mugs. She
also does custom pet drawings. Prices range from $22 for salad and dessert
plates to $52 for platters, at

Animalia Launch
The Dog Days of Summer
Solveig Studio announces its new product addition at NY NOW

This woman-owned business offers wildly colorful plates and platters with quirky twists of animal humor and wit. Originally drawn with Sharpies on paper, illustrator Kaaren Anderson’s work uses the true “magic” of markers to create sassy housewares for the adventurous spirit. 

These dishwasher and microwave safe tableware designs employ a patented printing process unique to the tabletop genre, making the line distinct with its pop of color, detail and quirky renditions of the animal kingdom. Plain and simple it’s not your grandma’s china, unless your grandma’s freakin’ awesome!

Solveig Studio’s aim is simple and straightforward -- get more joy and humor into people’s homes and lives.

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Click here to read about the "Whimsical Animal Tabletop" at NY Now

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